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Women Supporting Women – KWIB has affiliations with Vernon Women in Business, and Women’s Enterprise Centre – if you’re a member of either, attend our events at the affiliate rate!

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2018 - 2019 Fundraising

Kelowna Women in Business understands the importance of creating impact and giving back to the community!

We will be raising funds for a local Okanagan charity affiliation through various fundraising efforts and special events throughout the season.

Past Charity Affiliations

Mamas for Mamas Inc. is a registered non-profit organization based in Kelowna, BC that connects mothers directly to other mothers in their home communities to reduce poverty and improve the lives of female caregivers. We do this by providing a platform where everything can be donated or traded directly between other mamas and their families for free, no money ever exchanges hands in our organization. By eliminating the use of traditional currency, we break down the barriers of social class, thus bringing mamas of all backgrounds together. We donate, share, support and connect among 4300 mamas in Kelowna, and the movement is spreading across Canada with our 15th chapter just being started last week. We now support more than 7800 mamas across nationally.  This overall initiative is our part in creating a poverty reduction plan in BC, a province with 1 in 5 children living under the poverty line and no plan to address it. (  We have recently secured a donated office space through The Society of Hope, and are now able to provide a centralized location for picking up items and organizing trades between our members. We host a monthly distribution event for all material donations given to Mamas for Mamas; hundreds of members come to get much needed items for absolutely free from all around the Okanagan. We operate within a social capital model and use kindness as our currency; as long as you act with compassion and do your best to adhere to our guidelines, you will have access to anything you need at no cost. This is changing the way mothers connect with one another online and here in Kelowna; When we care for the mothers in our society, their children thrive in a more productive and positive home environment while having access to all they need for home, nutrition, school and sports. For some kids, this has allowed the opportunity to now participate in organized sports because their gear is provided through our mamas, for others it allows them to eat 3 solid meals a day and to bring a new lunch kit to school. With less financial stress in the home, mamas can spend more time with their children in developmentally healthy ways instead of working their second or third job to make ends meet. We provide connection to other mamas for support, material items for income assistance and referrals to resources in our community. More than anything else, Mamas for Mamas provides hope to so many who felt alone and inadequate as a parent or unsure how they would provide in hard times.