The Benefits of Being a Mentor

Mentors show the world that it is possible to succeed

Kara James, Mentorship Director, KWIB

July 13, 2021

Mentors show the world that it is possible to succeed

When discussing mentorship, most people consider the positive gains for the mentee. However, mentorship is a reciprocal relationship and it can also be hugely rewarding for the mentor. 

Here are just a few ways becoming a mentor can have a remarkable impact on your life.

Opportunity to Give Back

Sharing your knowledge and experiences with another can significantly change a mentee’s life and business trajectory. You can help them avoid common pitfalls, recommend best practices, and point them towards their goals. This can be immensely satisfying and further women’s goals and dreams.

Enhance Communication Skills

Good mentoring involves effectively communicating your internal knowledge through storytelling, clear explanations, and written documents. Mentees may respond well to certain types of communication, while others fall short. As a result, you may need to enhance your communication skills for the best possible results.

Boost Your Leadership Skills

Mentees outline their expectations, but it is up to you to lay out the path needed to get them to the finish line. As a result, mentorship offers a unique opportunity to practice and improve your own personal leadership and coaching style.

However, mentorship relationships aren’t all about business. You may need to support them and help them overcome self-doubt. This may include learning new skills you can use during this evolving process.

Exposure to New Perspectives

Even if you are well-versed in an aspect of business, your mentee may approach it differently. They may challenge the status quo with a fresh perspective and novel ideas. 

It will be up to you to work through these concepts, point out the positives and negatives, and pick up tips and tricks along the way. There’s no single solution and your mentee may have stronger skills than you in some areas. For instance, some mentees may be more adept in technology or more accustomed to using social media.

Empower Other Women

Women continually improve their positions in the workforce, but it is a slow process. They need mentors to show them that it is possible to succeed and what they did to obtain success.

Successful women prove that it can be done. They can share their lows, how they overcame them, and how other women can follow suit. This leads to a network of like-minded women, always more powerful than individuals trying to make their way on their own.

Build Authentic Relationships

The mentor/mentee relationship is deep and authentic. Consequently, mentorships often turn into lasting friendships. 

Understanding how a person thinks is always irreplaceable and mentoring often involves sharing very personal information. You may help a mentee overcome a fear of public speaking, finance, or sales. No matter what, you’ll likely forge a strong connection. 


Clearly, mentors can gain a great deal from the mentorship relationship. If you’re interested in becoming a mentor, Kelowna Women in Business offers a mentorship program. 

Mentor commitment is 11– 12 hours over a 12-week period. Please email for further information. You have much to offer and can help women succeed.


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