Terms and Conditions

Policy for Communication on behalf of Members to the KWIB Membership

In order to support the Vision and Mission of Kelowna Women in Business, the members of Kelowna Women in Business have the opportunity to communicate to the Kelowna Women in Business membership as a whole. Kelowna Women in Business may assist in the distribution of information on member hosted events, member marketing and member information on the Kelowna Women in Business website and social media platforms, ( the “Communication to Membership”)

Communication to Membership is intended to provide additional support and opportunity to the businesses and individuals who are members of good standing of Kelowna Women in Business, and local affiliate organizations.

At this time Kelowna Women in Business cannot provide non-members with these same opportunities.

Kelowna Women in Business will from time to time evaluate their policy to improve and meet the needs of the membership.

Kelowna Women in Business reserves the right to limit or discontinue the promotion or sharing the  Communication to Membership if the individual or business is no longer a member in good standing, or the Communication to Membership is unreasonable or does not align with the Mission and Vision of Kelowna Women in Business.