Angela Gordon

My dedication to customer experience and a natural curiosity to learn new things have been driving forces throughout my career. Over the first 20 years of my professional life, I worked primarily as a Strategic Business Consultant with large corporations in various industries across Western Europe and North America. My primary role was to help corporations define and achieve more effective and efficient customer operations and ultimately improve their bottom line. Through these valuable experiences, I have gained a strong understanding of how corporations operate and the challenges they face now and for the future. I continuously draw upon these experiences and leverage the cross industry knowledge acquired as I work with my clients at Odlum Brown. I work in close collaboration with clients to improve their awareness and understanding of their current investment portfolio. Diligently sorting through new information and evaluating each opportunity, I provide my clients with transparent and timely recommendations to support informed decision making, thus enabling us to stay the course on long-term financial objectives. I leverage in-house research provided by the Odlum Brown Research Team, along with independent research from objective sources to develop a breadth of understanding of current and future market conditions. This approach allows me to keep one eye on the present and one eye on the future, thereby keeping my clients up to date as the market evolves.

First Name Angela
Last Name Gordon
Phone 7789683194
Organization Odlum Brown Limited
Job title Investment Advisor
City Kelowna
Industry Financial Services