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Dee Cristante

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Lisa Fennell

Heading up the Kelowna office, I am an experienced bookkeeper with S&J Management Ltd. S&J Management Ltd. is a management company that focuses on being a foundation for our clients in all aspects of bookkeeping, ...View Profile

Jessica Nobrega

Events designed to inspire and create positivity. At our events you will find the latest in movement classes and spiritual practices. Become inspired by our local speakers and connect with powerful women.

Kris Sigmeth

From humble beginnings in rural Saskatchewan, I grew up in the business of farming and was not shy to throw in a lemonade stand or two along the way. Beginning my coaching career early on ...View Profile

Carla Dawes

Carla serves driven, heart-centred women, helping them connect with their deepest desires to consciously create a life that lights them up.

Ginette Parenteau

As Director of Sales I have the privilege of facilitating all types of travel to this fabulous full service hotel. Working in the hospitality industry seemed like a natural fit for me as I love ...View Profile

Jessica Evans

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Sue Ross

I help people like you to create the opportunities they’ve always wanted. In other words: I’m a business operations coach who helps entrepreneurs build businesses they love without sacrificing their souls to do it. (Because ...View Profile

Lorraine Bromley

I help businesses increase their revenue by attracting and retaining a steady and consistent stream of their ideal customers using digital marketing strategies, typically via Facebook Ads, allowing them to focus on servicing to their ...View Profile

Sarah Papove

With over a decade of Business Management and Co-Owner of Strategic Edge Consulting Inc. I am on a mission to liberate you from your financial stress and fears, and make your accounts work for you ...View Profile

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Raushanna Salhi

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Erica Griffin

A marketing and advertising professional who has created numerous initiatives to increase brand awareness through various media channels.

Lu Kapp

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Natasha Rosewood

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Cassidy Deveer

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