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Chris Patton

January 24, 2018

Re-evaluating the Perfect Gift Giving Season

The holiday season brings many emotions and expectations to the table. For many, it is not the wonderful time of year as promised. And, we always realize this in January!

Unfortunately, Christmas has come to represent a commercial frenzy. For those who aren’t paying attention, it’s a depleting experience, on so many levels. December and January are often harried months, preparing and then paying for it.

Re-evaluating the Perfect Gift Giving Season

What if we woke up and realized that “the perfect gift giving” season is a commercial scheme planted in our minds? We feel guilty if we don’t give the perfect gift to our loved ones. While it is heartwarming to put a smile on someone’s face with a gift from the heart, this practice of buying to make people happy is misguided.

May I propose another tradition of giving?

Gary Chapman’s: 5 Love Languages

Have you heard about the 5 Love Languages, a book by Gary Chapman? He recognizes that above all, we need to be loved in our own special way. A core human need is to be appreciated and acknowledged for who we are. To be seen, and loved, is soul satisfying.

Now, I do appreciate that one of the love languages is gift giving. Some get special pleasure when our loved ones pay attention to that one unique gift that we would like. But that isn’t all of us. Me? I couldn’t care less about gifts. But I do give a whole lot of damn about quality time and physical touch.

Alternative Gift Giving Ideas

Acts of service and words of affirmation are also big on my list. And, I bet I am not alone.

Let’s stop supporting the economic machine, and instead, grow our families and friendships in the whole and pure tradition of love. If you have a desire to change the world, this is one sure way. I know you do. I see who you are. Well done!

CHRISTINE PATTON is a Kelowna love renegade. Her speaking, book and coaching will inspire you to rock your life! 250-864-7299 or  .

Written Contribution by Chris Patton of PowerWithin



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