Kelowna Women in Business

Myth Busted: Brand Consistency DOES NOT Create Monotony

Everything from your mom’s lasagna to your wifi benefits from consistency. The interesting thing about consistency, branding and otherwise, is that in all scenarios it equals success. Keeping thought, strategy and implementation consistent builds a strong brand with notable trustworthiness, dependability, dedication and quality. When a brand is consistent with image, product and service, it almost ascends to a higher level of marketing that says, “Ya, we know we’re great but so does everyone else because we know how to keep it real.”

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Managing your information in a paperless world

So you have decided that you have had enough and now you want to go paperless. Seems to make sense, most of your bank statements, bills, and receipts come online anyway. Why print them? Sounds simple enough but like anything, you need a way to organize your documents. There are many software packages that do just this, two that come to mind are Paperport and Neat, but there are many more available. Often if you have a scanner the software comes along with it so you don't even have to buy separate software. You can also just use file directories on your computer, it doesn't really matter the important thing is to be organized.

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What to do when CRA comes calling

Business owners fear the dreaded call from the Canada Revenue Agency(CRA). After all we have all heard stories about how CRA has taken people's houses, their boats, frozen bank accounts. They have lots of power. But you don't have to be afraid. Although CRA does have a lot of power, they generally only rarely wield their stick.

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