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6 Quick Secrets To Great Interior Design

6 Quick Secrets To Great Interior Design

6 Quick Secrets To Great Interior Design

Creating a space you crave and even look forward to sharing with others is the goal of great design. A serenely organized area allows your eyes to rest and your body and mind to relax. Set your next redesign up for success by following these simple design rules from Crispin Butterfield: founder of Urban Theory Design!


1. Mix Your Materials

Avoid making your space blah and boring looking by sticking to all the same wood tones, or limiting the different textures. Mix complimentary shades and textures to create a visually appealing atmosphere. Even a monochromatic palette can become vibrant with the right mix of materials.

2. Lighten Up

Incorporate layered lighting to help open up your space and create ambiance within different areas of your home. Utilize floor and table lamps and suspended fixtures to create an exciting and practical variety of lighting options. Play with window coverings to maximize and minimize your lighting requirements throughout the day.

3. Surround Yourself with Only the Things You Love

Edit your collections and be ultra-selective about what you choose to put into your spaces. Declutter and donate items you no longer need or pack them away into storage. Only display items that have good feelings attached to them. Any space can quickly become overwhelmed with too many items or ideas competing for space.

4. Use Magazines & Websites For Inspiration

Peruse websites like Pinterest and Houzz and magazines like “Style At Home” and “Elle Decor” for inspiration. They are full of on-point design ideas and amazing spaces that are sure to get your creative energies flowing. Create a quick room reference by making a virtual collage or vision board of items you would like to recreate in your space. This is extremely handy to bring with you when you go shopping for specific colours or items.

 5. Mix High-Style with Low-Style

Create an interesting dynamic by incorporating several high-quality finishes and pieces to the mix. Every space deserves one or two eye-catching gems. You can skimp on other areas to accomplish this. Ensure these items are easy to see and appreciate as soon as you enter the room.

6. Don’t Follow All the Rules

Be bold and honour your inner “Decorista!” The hallmark of great design is all about creating a space you love coming home to. Follow your heart and buck the latest trends to create your own personalized oasis.

Speak to a Designer before your next project!

Unleash the potential that every room in your home or office has. Incorporate a functional and fresh design into your approach and create a space that speaks directly to you…

Crispin would love to help you achieve a home or business atmosphere you’re inspired and energized by – connect with her energetic team toll free @ 1-888-848-8055 or and get started today!